Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Design!

Complete! only took me 2 days.. well if i'm technical ..about 6-8 hrs total, but it was spread out over 2 days.
I've saved the templates so that I can change around and use for other things. I don't like how the dimensions I i found don't exactly work, and the html/css justification had to be changed. so if anyone out there knows the proper dimensions please..i'd love to know them. thanks!

Feedback is always welcome! too hard to read?  too cluttered? let me know! thanks! ^_^

background under construction

Please excuse the mess while i figure out the right proportions for the background.
have a good one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Fair Lady

Took me a couple days to get out this kit. The theme and color palate really stumped me. I think my favorite part of this is the cluster frame. I'm also really stoked at the argyle / diamond patterned papers. Thanks Sherah for showing me how it's done! 
Look for this kit in store very soon! It's my portion of the Monthly Mega at Ivy Scraps!
6 papers and 11 elements. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now at the Digi Design Academy!

ME! haha! I've been taking classes and learning how to improve my design technique with Sherah of Skrapper Digitals for a few years now. I've decided to pay it forward. I'll be teaching PSP'ers how to implement the techniques that Sherah teaches in her weekly lessons, in PSP.

The DigiDesign Academy, is a fantastic resource. If you just want to learn how to digital scrapbook to save trees, it's great. if you want to improve your digi skills, it's great for that too! If you just want to learn something new, well that's a fantastic option as well!! There are several platforms for you to use with the DDA. Photoshop is the main one taught. You can also use Paint Shop Pro, and GIMP- which is a free photo editing software similar to Photoshop.
Ease of use for a person new to this digital design world would be PSP. It's also not that expensive. The next on the list of ease, that would be GIMP, it's also free. Harder to use, but so many more tools & options is Photoshop. All are great platforms.

So, Spread the word! Learn how to digi scrap at the DDA!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Collab with Scrap it Sassy

i'll share with y'all my piece of the collab.. well at least what it'll look like. can't let you *have* it, as well it's gonna be a charity  piece.

Simple palatte..pinks & black. 

and now i'm off to finish and go to bed. i'm going house hunting this weekend. hopefully it's successful!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Please Bear with me

I'm currently trying to redesign the it's gonna be a complete and utter mess. Although the information is still good ^_^

I may try my hand at actually creating my own, versus using a premade one.. seein as i still can't get the look i'm wanting.

stay tuned..and please..don't mind the mess.

Grand new things coming!

A wonderful charity kit for Scrap it Sassy Collab, a seashore inspired kit and yeah, even a back to school kit. ;)

The Tornado relief charity kit should be in the Ivyscraps store now. You'll find it under Helping Hands collab!

see y'all soon!