Thursday, September 16, 2010

Classic Hollywood Romance and more!

Ok, didn't make it to round 3..but it's alright. i have much growing to do. entering a contest for next designer during mercury retrograde..well that's just silly, but i gave it my best.
I've got my last entry for the contest ready for you.
It's just a 12 paper kit 12x12 @ 300dpi. Right now, i'm working on fleshing it out with hopefully 25-30 elements. so it'll be a decent sized kit when i'm done.

So enjoy what i've got right now :)

As I am trying to move forward with my kit making, i'm going to put out a CT call. please be patient with my kit making skills as i'm still pretty new..but i don't scrapbook, so I wouldn't even know how or where to begin with making a LO. Feel free to send me a message here or on FB if this is something you are interested in. 
Meanwhile, the contest roars on over at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio. Http:// loads of freebies in the gallery made by the NDC Contestants. so go find them. if you're not a member there, registration is free! it's a great group of people over there!
Have a great weekend!

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