Thursday, December 2, 2010

Next kit in the works as i type this!

So it's gonna be winter themed..but not christmas, as not everyone celebrates it..myself included.

i'm thinking about calling it Winter Holiday. it's not gonna be a full sized kit by any means, which means it shouldn't take me a month to do. but it'll be decent.

If anyone would like to have the Classic Hollywood Romance Kit, I'm asking $1.50 for it. there's A LOT in that was a prize for the 100 fan, which was Lynne. i'm sure that there'll be future freebies.. probably in add-ons to this current kit i'm working on. i hate to say it..but kits are currently my ONLY source of income. it sucks, but it's life right now. thankfully, my parents rock and have taken my large crew in, indefinitely. i hope it's not..but well it is what it is.

have a fantastic thursday!

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