Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Designs & More to come!!

I should have posted before now, i've got a fabulous new gempack in the store. CU Ok!
Clicking the preview should take you to the store.

I'm also working hard on an outdoor kit that i hope will be up in the store by month's end. 

It's been a rough month for me. I've rolled my car and have been searching for a replacement that will be big enough to carry 4 kids and 2 adults, but I don't want another SUV or Minivan.. ICK! My heart is set on a LARGE pickup truck.. weather or not it happens..well that's yet to be seen.  have to make every dollar stretch right now. 

As always, if you've made a layout with one of my designs, i'd love to see it! Feel free to reply with a comment here with it or send me an e-mail at butterflygypsie (at) gmail (dot) com (sorry, don't want spammers, just remove symbol words & spaces to make it work ;) )

If you didn't know about this site created by the awesome Al Ward, go now! Visit, purchase a membership! there's a fantastic deal through out this weekend that it's only $19.95 for a membership that's a year long! This is his work, this is his job and how he supports his family. There are so many wonderful things to be found here! Tutorials, Styles, Shapes, and MORE! i've recently joined, and I haven't even been through all the content! it's worth so much more than $19.95! is for Adobe Photoshop,  though i've not tried it yet, i'm sure that you can use the principals of the tutorials in PSP, and you may even be able to use much to most of his creations in GIMP. 
There are many freebies, and even a week's trial membership. Go Support someone who's making a huge difference in the way we design!

Have a fantastic Saturday!

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