Saturday, May 7, 2011

Morning!! It's ISD (iNSD)

So, late last night I was finishing up my latest kit, Game Night. It's awesome!  A full sized kit ~ 8 papers and 20 elements all created at 300dpi!  I worked hard all day to get this kit finished.

So, what are you doing today for International Scrapbooking Day?  Me? i'll just be creating more stuff..and then probably the domestic know, Shopping, Laundry, child wrangling lol!

You can now also find me at Ivy Scraps ! yep! The forum is hoppin' with all kinds of activity, monthly challenges, bingo with the bingo queen Carmen of Lightning Bug Creations!

Now, to try and find my PSP 8 because that's where my animation shop it. i need to create a blinkie.. I think I also want to revamp my logo..but not sure what I want to do with it just yet.

Trying to expand my design horizons. I've got a few element packs I am going to give a try and put up. I hope they are well received. I actually got the idea from looking through a sunday store flyer. lol! 

Have a great Saturday!

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